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How to Contact Conshy Courier

Subscriptions and General information - [email protected]

Questions? We're happy to help. Comments? We're happy to listen.

Please take a look at our detailed Frequently Asked Questions  or find quick answers below.

Contact Questions

How do I write for Conshy Courier

Freelance writers may send detailed pitches to [email protected], along with clips from previously published work. Submissions specifically for should be sent to [email protected]

How do I pitch Conshy Courier news-magazine?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to every request. Story ideas or pitches should be submitted to [email protected]  Pitches specifically for should be sent to [email protected] Please paste information in the body of the email when possible. If you must attach documents, please keep file sizes to a minimum. All submissions will be read and considered.

What is the necessary lead time for news-magazine stories?

The earlier the better. The magazine works 3 months in advance of each issue, but will plan up to a year ahead for seasonal features or events.

May I obtain permission to use Conshy Courier material found in the news-magazine or website? 

If you wish to quote several sentences from an article for personal or educational purposes, you may do so provided that you give credit to Conshy Courier news-magazine, the article author and for online use, provide a link to the source article.

However, you may not quote more than that without written permission from Conshy Courier  and in some cases, payment to the author, who is the owner of its intellectual property. Please email [email protected] with the name of the article, author and news-magazine issue for which you are requesting permission, and a brief description how and where you'll use the Conshy Courier  material.

You may not repost entire articles to your website or newsletter without copyright permission.

If you've been featured in the magazine and would like reproductions, you might consider purchasing reprints. Reprint service will enable you to purchase and customize print copies of individual articles, which may be used for individual or business media kits, press release campaigns and other promotional purposes. Average quantity for print reprints is 50. To find more information or to inquire about smaller print runs, please email [email protected]

How do I submit a book for possible review or consideration?

Please send books to:

Conshy Courier
Montco Media LLC
P O Box 543
Conshohocken  PA  19428

Or, please complete the form below.

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